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Synthetic Lubricants

This after run oil is a synthetic lubricant. This top of the line lubricant Blends with Gas and Alcohol and has been designed to protect your Engine and fuel system.


This oil is Not: WD40, air compressors oil.

This After Run Oil is One of a kind and designed for the RC World on land, in water or in the air. Use the best after run oil product and keep your engine and fuel system in top condition. Read below for more information.



flate rate up to 3 bottles

Clear or Black Bottles available

Nice needle pointed Top With Pre Drop hole


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#1 After Run Oil on the Planet

after run bottle=iol colo

Red Oil Color

Sweet Blueberry Smell

after run oil rc hobby


After Protection Engine Lube


Buy it Now With PayPal ($5.99 + 6.98 shipping 1-2oz btls) ships anywhere in U.S.A only

1 btle only USA

Buy it Now With PayPal ($5.99 + 9.87 shipping for up to 6-2oz btls) ships anywhere in U.S.A only

After Run Oil USA Only

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Save money use the tri formula, one Bottle 3 Functions. 

This one products is Designed and manufactured to work as 1)  After Run Oil 2) Foam Filter Oil 3) Fuel Conditioner

After Protection Engine Lube Klotz warehouse Tri Formula For Engine and Fuel system 1-2oz bottle (you can smell the special sweet Berry smell protection right out of the Bottle.) Great for 2 or 4 stroke engines.

After Run oil Useage: Helps keep engine running in top condition. Protects bearings and internal parts from corrosion. Prevent gum and varnish build-up. Just pour into exhaust port or glow plug hole after each running. Use 3-6 Drops or More as needed.

The After Run oil is a Synthetic Lubricant with an anti wear Lube with rust protection that has a quick Burn off for resisting carbon Build up, Helps keep engine running in top condition. Protects bearings and internal parts from corrosion. Special formula to prevent gum and varnish build-up.

• Extreme film strength protects Engine parts from metal to metal contact.

• Clean Burn technology for low smoke and prevents plug fouling.

• Formulated oil displaces moisture prevents corrosion and protects, internal parts.

• For use in combustion engines as a After Lube Engine Protection and for short or long term storage.

Fuel system additive Useage, light weight-viscosity synthetic lubricant with high flow ability and improved lubrication. After Protection Engine Lube provides easier starting, smoother transition from low to high speed, and reduced engine temperature on climb-outs, plus added fuel economy. Reduces friction and provides greater protection against wear, while reducing carbon build-up for more stable top-end, wide-open throttle operation. Blends with methanol alcohol and gasoline.

• Reduced Friction and Improved Performance
• TechniPlate Peak Film Strength and Anti-Scuff protection
• Extreme Load Carrying Capacity engineered to reduce engine wear
• Clean Burn Technology reduces carbon and residue build-up
• Contains Red for easy mixing and racy odor
• Less Drag . . . More Power

clean burn

DIRECTIONS and Tech Info:

Directions After Run Oil Engine: 1) Open throttle 100%  2) Put 3 or more drops into the carburetors venture  3) Turn engine over . ((Fuel System Additive: 5 to 10 Drops per 1floz /.029L (1/2 Bottle to 1/gal)) (Foam Filter: 40 to 50 Drops)

Fuel Additive Compatibility: Blends with methanol alcohol, nitromethane and gasoline and stays in
suspension. Will not blend with petroleum oils R 50 TC W3 etc.., will blend with Klotz Original TechniPlate and
BeNOL Racing Castor
. 100% Biodegradable formula.
Fuel Stability: Will dissolve completely in alcohol at ratios up to 5:1.
2-Stroke pre-mix: Do not use in oil injection systems.
R/C 2/4 stroke glow engines: mix at 5 to 10 drops per (1floz /.029L). Can be used with nitromethane mixture
7 to 15 drops per (1floz /.029L). link to MSDS Sheets MSDS look for Part # AR-100